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Dr. Martin Combrinck is the founder of Laughter for Africa and has trained personally with Dr. Kataria, the founder of Laughter Yoga, in South Africa and in India. Dr Kataria is also the Patron of Laughter for Africa. Dr Martin obtained his PhD in "The Application of Laughter as Therapy" in 2015.

Dr Martin has been conducting Laughter Yoga & Coaching seminars, workshops & training in South Africa since 2007 and his specialty is delivering Laughter to the Corporate World. He conducted the very successful online Laughter Summit in 2014 - bringing Laughter Experts together in an online platform.

Besides being a certified Laughter Yoga Teacher in South Africa, he is also an international registered and qualified Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation Teacher. Dr Martin is also a Corporate Wellness Consultant & Trainer.

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Dr Martin Combrinck (PhD)