Laughter Seminars & Show

Laughter Talks and Seminars

We offer different Laughter Seminars upon request nationally and internationally, according to the needs of the client.

A typical Laughter Seminar is about 60 minutes and consists of the following:
- History and Introduction to Laughter Yoga.
- Supportive Scientific Evidence.
- Benefits and Cautions of Laughter.
- Laughter Session/Exercises.
- Laughter Meditation/Relaxation.
- Questions and Answers.

Laughter for Africa also offers a variety of Wellness Seminars e.g. Nutrition, Exercise, Breathing, the Relationship between Work & Play etc. Contact Us for more Info.

Laughter Workshops

Laughter Workshops are more in-depth that seminars and you will more about 'Why Laughter is the Best Medicine'.

A Laughter Seminar is about 2-3 hours and consists of the following:
- Basic structure as the Laughter Seminar (see abave).
- More Specific Scientific Evidence on the benefits of Laughter.
- Laughter as a Tool for Optimum Wellness.
- Laughter in the Workplace.
- The effects of Laughter on our Social Environment.
- Laughter is the best medicine.

Contact Us for more Info.

Our Seminars & Workshops

We have extensive knowledge and background in corporate wellness, wellness coaching, yoga and wellness education - which make our Laughter Yoga Training different, special and unique.

Our training is according to the original Laughter Training of Dr Kataria, the originator of Laughter Yoga.

Dr Kataria & Martin Combrinck

Dr Kataria & Martin at All India Laughter Conference 2007

New Concept in Laughter Yoga - Laughter Show

Experience a Laughter session within a laughter theatre Show! (short video)

Developed by Laughter for Africa and proudly South African!

Updated: January 2013