Laughter Show

Our Laughter Show is a new concept in Laughter Yoga - combining a typical laughter session with a theatre show! Imagine watching a show that educate you about the benefits of laughter and why laughter is the best medicine - then slowly the audience become the participants on the show on stage! The results: fun, enjoyment, bonding, new experience and of course lots of Laughter!

Laughter Show (Paarl)

Laughter Show (Community in McGregor)

Laughter Show (McGregor)

Laughter Yoga Song - 'Gypsy'

Laughter Song specially developed for our Laughter Yoga sessions in South Africa. The lyrics and music is by Andre Combrinck, a local artist in South Africa. This song is used in our Laughter Show - 'What A Laugh'.

This Laughter Show is unique and is already causing a stir in the laughter movement world-wide. It is a proudly South African Laughter Show and aim is to educate the broader public on the Benefits of Laughter!

Laughter, as supported by scientific findings globally, has been known to:
~ relax muscles and reduce stress, pain and tension
~ reduce and depression
~ liberate us from the fear-driven ego
~ improve respiration, oxygenation and circulation
~ stimulate digestion and metabolism
~ improve the biophysical, biochemical and bioenergetic levels of the body
~ promote sleep
~ slow the brain rhythms to alpha level
~ improve self confidence and self esteem
~ strengthen the immune system
~ provide a meditative state to relieve us from the burdens of our thinking
~ increase the count of natural killer cells (that attack cancers and tumours)
~ raise antibody levels
~ make you more appealing, providing an instant facelift
~ reconnect people under a non-threatening, non-political, non-competitive banner
~ unite all ages, personality types and cultures
~ provide a positive, supportive space for people to feel good about themselves
~ be the best aerobic exercise
~ be the gateway to inner and outer peace, etc

We aim to present the Laughter Show nationally: it is ideal for schools, festivals and corporate events.

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Updated: January 2011