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Corporate Laughter Services

Corporate Seminars & Team Building
Kick off your conference with a laughter session, or increase employee integration with an engaging, high-energy, high-impact team building workshop.
We offer customised half-day, 1 day and 2 days workshops on Whole Person Wellness, to specifically educate and address your employees on Wellness within the Workplace. Read more.

Laughter Sessions
These short sessions can be a fresh alternative to a coffee break between programs at your conference, or an enthusiastic start to the training day. Sessions can be incorporated into workshops or the workplace on a regular basis to improve circulation, enhance humour in the workplace, decrease stress, improve networking, and help with overall sense of well being for participants. Laughter sessions also benefit school groups, work groups, health clubs, nursing homes, community groups, and other healthcare organisations. Read more.

Get out of your workplace to get more out of your workforce with an off-site session so your team returns refreshed, revitalised, and renewed to improve their working environment. Retreats also include talks and workshops on wellness and ways how to achieve balance on all levels.

Seminars & Workshops
We offer customised seminars and workshops on the Benefits of Laughter, as well as wellnesss related topics e.g. Exercise, Stress Reduction, the Relationship between Work & Play etc.

Article: FIN Week: 'Laughter still the Best Medicine'

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Quantifiable Benefits for Corporate's

· Renewed motivation, morale, and meaning at work.
· Improved personal/professional performance.
· Enhanced teamwork, trust, and fun at work.
· Increased energy and resilience to stress.
· Enriched quality of work/life balance.
· Heightened workplace creativity and humour.
· Enlightened and inspired organisations.
· Enhanced retention through recognition.
· Elevated enthusiasm and involvement with interactive sessions.
· Deepened appreciation for internal and external customers.
· Improved customer care and service delivery.
· Decreased absenteeism, burnout, and turnover.
· Alleviate your symptoms of stress, burnout, anxiety, etc..
· Improved productivity in the organisations.
· Increases wellbeing of employees and workforce.

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Corporate In-House Laughter Leaders

Once you experienced a Laughter Yoga session in the workplace - why not consider carrying on the positive benefits?

This can be achieved through an In-House Laughter Leader. We can train somebody within company or we can provide you with a qualified Laughter Leader to deliver regular laughter sessions at your workplace.

Ongoing Laughter Sessions
Laughter sessions are most successful through follow-up sessions. Some of the benefits are
* It becomes easier for the employees to laugh.
* Laughter contributes to the wellbeing of the employees.
* It increases communication between the personnel.
* Regular laughter reduces absenteeism.
* It reduces health care costs.

Article: FIN Week: Laughter still the Best Medicine


Updated: January 2014