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Laughter Clubs & Community

One of the main objectives of Laughter for Africa is to spread the message and benefits of Laughter to all the people in South Africa! This is achieved through Laughter Clubs and Laughter Events in Communtities.

What is a Laughter Club?
A Laughter Club is a place where you will laugh like you have never laughed before, leaving you refreshed and invigorated. You will do this for no reason at all, except the desire to improve your health and well-being.

Laughter Clubs are fully independent, not-for-profit, community based associations of people where all are welcome. Laughter Clubs meet on a regular basis, are non-religious, non-political, non-competitive, and laughing with others is a great way to build bridges and promote peace in the community. Become a Laughter Leader and start a social laughter club in your community!

What happens in a Laughter Session?
A Laughter session consists of a series of simple and gentle exercises. While a lot of creative input is left to the person leading the session, all laughter clubs follow the same basic structure:

1. We chant, clap and create rhythm.
2. We breathe deeply.
3. We simulate laughter through simple exercises and gestures.
4. We reflect (meditate) and relax.

Benefits of Attending a Laughter Club

People attend Laughter Clubs for various reasons. These include and are not limited to:
* health improvement;
* learn to better manage stress and/or anger issues;
* boost happiness;
* foster inner peace;
* overcome sadness and depression;
* break social isolation and create new friendships;
* develop self-confidence;
* alleviate physical and emotionalpain

How to Start a Social Laughter Club
Complete the basic Laughter Training. Though there are no rules and regulations that oversee the conduct of Laughter Clubs, we do recommend basic guidelines and training for functioning. Laughter Clubs are non-political, non-religious, non-exploitive, non-competitive and non-threatening. Everybody is welcome!

What is Free?
Laughter Yoga Clubs are community clubs that are free or by donation for all everywhere in the world. Most clubs do not charge any donation/membership fee. Some do in order to cover the expenses of hand-outs, hall rental etc. There is nothing wrong with putting a donation box out to help cover whatever club expenses you may incur (e.g. photocopies, venue).

Laughter Training

Should you be serious about starting a Laughter Club, you need to be properly trained and internationally certified as a Laughter Leader. The wealth of practical and "hands-on" experience you get in such trainings is invaluable. Contact Us.





Social Laughter Club at a School in India
World Laughter Day Celebrations


Community Sessions

Laughter Session

Cancer Association: Western Cape

Laughter session for Managers and co-ordinators at the end of their learning and review session.

Laughter Session
Rosendal Home

Rosendal Home - a Place of Safety

Rosendal Home is situated in Blue Downs, Western Cape, South Africa. It is a home and place of safety for abused children and children with drug dependency.

We started this Laughter Yoga Project on the 24 October 2007. This is the first Laughter Yoga Project in South Africa!

Rosendal Home
Scout Laughter Session

Scout Association: Western Cape

A Laughter Yoga session at the Scout Association, 2nd Somerset West group in the Western Cape.

Scout Laughter Session
VIP Laughter Seminar

VIP Laughter Seminar: Cape Town

Laughter for Africa conducted VIP Laughter Seminars at Medi-Spa, Kloof Street, Cape Town.

VIP Laughter Seminar
Refugee Centre

Women's Refugee Centre - Durban

Martin did a laughter session with some children from the refugee centre in Durban. He was assisted by Sandra, a new Laughter Yoga Leader in Durban.

Refugee Centre

Updated: May 2016