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The unique concept of Laughter Yoga and Laughter Club is the brain child of Dr. Madan Kataria, a physician from Mumbai, India. Any one can laugh in a group for 15-20 minutes without depending upon great sense of humor, jokes or comedy. Laughter Yoga combines simple laughter exercises (simulated laughter) and gentle yoga breathing, which turns into real laughter when practiced in a group.
Through laughter you will learn: How does the human mind work? What is the meaning and purpose of life? Understanding laws of the universe which govern our life? Understanding negative emotions like anger, fear, anxiety, greed, guilt, sadness, lust and attachments. and cultivating positive attitudes like appreciation, forgiveness, service and devotion. More Laughter Benefits.
Laughter Yoga is supported by powerful tools derived from the Western psycho-analytical methods as well as Eastern spiritual laws. It will help you to stay in high spirits when life throws up challenges. It will enhance your ability to laugh and smile when dealing with negative emotions, situations and negative or difficult people.
At present there are more than 6000 laughter clubs in 62 countries world wide and Laughter Clubs have been covered by prestigious television channels like BBC, CNN. ABC (USA), NHK (Japan), Channel 7 & 9 (Australia), ZDF Germany and newspapers, magazines like TIME Magazine, National Geographic, New York Times, London Times, LA Times, The Guardian, Wall Street Journals and many others.
To promote Laughter Yoga in South Africa, Laughter for Africa is organizing Laughter Workshops, Laughter Seminars, Laughter Yoga Leader Training and Laughter Yoga Retreats. Contact us for more information.

Updated: June 2010