Laughter Yoga for Hotels, Resorts, Spa's and Health Clubs
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Laughter Yoga is the Fastest Spreading Phenomenon World-Wide - practiced in more than 65 Countries!
Hotels, Resorts, Spa's & Health Clubs

Our objective is to bring Laughter Yoga to your tourism market. Laughter Yoga will enhance your present service offering and will create happiness and laughter amongst your quests and increase your staff moral.

It is an easy, fun and enjoyable body-mind practice.More than 350 million people internationally practice Yoga and many would like to include Laughter Yoga as part of their holidays. Island holidays, with it's incredible great natural beauty and lack of commercial pressure is ideally placed to capture a large portion of the Yoga tourism market. Our Laughter Training is specialy geared towards Resorts, Spa's, Health Clubs and the Tourism market.

Laughter Yoga is a natural, fun and easy way to move towards wellness in a supportive environment of joy. It enables one to feel better immediately and helps people to make positive choices in life. Besides generating mental fitness by alleviating the negative strains of stress and worry cycles, Laughter is extremely beneficial for the body. It has both substantial preventive and therapeutic benefits. See our Laughter Services for more information.

While many form of exercise may leave you tired, Laughter Yoga leaves you bursting with energy and ready for anything. Laughter Yoga makes working out fun, not tedious. Laughter Yoga is a series of movement and breathing exercises designed to stimulate laughter and cultivate an inner spirit of joy. No flexibility required. At the end of class you will feel relaxed, peaceful, happy and energized.


Laughter Benefits
Besides the benefits of Laughter Yoga previously listed, it will enhance your Tourism industry by:
~ creating a social bond between guests very quickly;
~ the quests relaxes quicker and thus enjoy their holiday more;
~ it increases overall staff moral;
~ the staff will be friendlier and happier towards the guests;
~ it is an exercise routine that can be practiced without any equipment;
~ it can be done anywhere - inside or outside;
~ it will ensure returning guests because of the happy and friendly atmosphere.
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Updated: July 2010